The BBC’s first Green Sport Awards has announced the winner of its Evergreen Award. Leilani Münter is an American former professional stock car racing driver whose environmental activism has been central to her career. Leilani used her race car as “a 200mph billboard” to get environmental messages in front of the 75 million race fans in the USA. Leilani joins Emma.

A new reoprt by MPs says the NHS in england is facing its worst staffing crisis in history. Women make up 77% of NHS staff. Dame Jane Dacre is a Professor from UCL Medical School and contributed to the report joins Emma alongside Dr Radhika Vohra who is a GP and menopause specialist.

It’s almost a year since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. Lynne O’Donnell has years of experience reporting from the country and decided to return earlier this month. She says she was detained, abused and threatened by the Taliban. Lynne is safely out of Afghanistan and joins Emma Barnett.

Following the overturning of Roe v Wade in the US more women have talked about having had an abortion but many never speak openly about their experiences. In a series first broadcast in 2019 we hear five different personal testimonies from women. Today, a woman who felt her mental health was at risk when she found she was pregnant 10 months after the birth of her third child.

Presenter: Emma Barnett
Producer: Emma Pearce