We hear from former Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard who is working to help children from developing countries get a quality education. Josephine Kamara and Selina Nkoile are Youth Leaders for Global Partnership for Education and are campaigning to keep girls in education.

Pauline Black, lead singer of ska band The Selecter talks about her upbringing and the 2 Tone anti-racism message of the late 70s.

Professor Basky Thilaganathan from St George’s Hospital talks about the rarely seen and often complex work being carried out inside the womb to save the lives of unborn babies. We also hear from Susie who developed Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome while pregnant with triplets.

Christine Grosart is a key volunteer for the group Ghost Fishing UK. She is also an expert diver and environmental champion. She talks about the beauty of the seas and the damage humans have caused.

Plus broadcaster Emily Dean on the trend for ‘pandemic puppies’ and the unique relationship that women have with their dogs.

Presenter: Anita Rani
Producer: Paula McFarlane
Editor: Beverley Purcell