We look ahead to the Women’s Football World Cup in France with former England, Chelsea and West Ham player Claire Rafferty and BBC Women’s Sports Reporter, Jo Currie. Who are the teams and players we should be looking out for? We also discuss the history of women’s football in the UK and around the world with Gemma Clarke, author of author of Soccer Women and Natasha Rolt who’s Schools Heritage Officer for Luton Town FC Community Trust. What progress has been made since the FA banned women’s matches in 1921 – and how are coverage and attitudes changing?

The Fawcett Society will be joining protests in Trafalgar Square today. Donald Trump is making his state visit to the UK. Those women protesting are concerned about his record on women’s rights and don’t want the UK government to honour him. But not all women agree with them – many are concerned about respecting the special relationship. We hear the arguments for protesting and whether it is the best way of prioritising women’s rights. We discuss with Sam Smethers, CEO of the Fawcett Society and Assistant Comment Editor at the Daily Telegraph, Madeline Grant.

Violinist Nicola Benedetti was placed 18th on the Woman’s Hour Power List 2018. Chosen for being “a fabulous spokesperson who’s devoted so much time and energy to supporting music education for all” in the past 12 months she has worked with over 2,000 students and 500 teachers, she’s also launched her own online series of educational videos and received a CBE. Jane talks to her about her achievements and her new album Nicola Benedetti and Wynton Marsalis’ Violin Concerto & Fiddle Dance Suite.

Presented by Jane Garvey Produced by Jane Thurlow

Interviewed guest: Nicola Benedetti Interviewed guest: Claire Rafferty Interviewed guest: Gemma Clarke Interviewed guest: Natasha Rolt Interviewed guest: Sam Smethers Interviewed guest: Madeline Grant