So, you want change? Maybe you feel stuck. Like something is ready to move but you don't know what it is. The secret weapon and vehicle to create change in your life is Repentance.  You won't experience the plans God has for you without it. 

Repentance is what the enemy of God wants us to avoid like a plague. BUT GIRL, we've already been through a pandemic! We can, sure enough, handle this!! Bring it on! Change is coming for you and it has Jesus written all over it! 

This past year has shown us that we are resilient! Now it's time to walk further in your resilience to meet God in repentance. It's time to let go of the sins that have been weighing you down and walk in Freedom, Peace and Potential!

If you've felt God tugging on your heart and know that something needed to break, this episode is for you! 

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