Have you been struggling with negative thoughts, loads of negative self talk, anxiety, fear, shame, overwhelm and just really feeling bad about yourself and just not really liking yourself anymore? This episode is for you today.

Struggling with our thoughts and emotions has become a normal part of life. Yet, it was never meant to be. Jesus wants us to have victory over our thoughts and emotions. He even outlines it in the Bible. But how do we apply it today? Can the same lessons Jesus taught 2000 years ago, help us with all the things we're dealing with today?

The simple answer is YES!  In this episode, We'll begin a series of episodes where we pull back the curtain on this Battle for Your Mind and Identity. I'll show you the tactics that are fueling the emotional roller coaster. You'll begin to understand why you've been feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fearful. 

By the end of this episode, you'll be equipped with steps that will help you take your thoughts captive and begin to reverse negative thinking today!

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