After Lance Storm sings 'The Man Called Sting' (listen and find out for yourself...)Storm Academy graduate NICK ARMSTRONG chats with Josh Armour about...-Riot City Wrestling's 'Battle For Supremacy' Dec 6th and his opponent, RCW Champ Adam Brooks.-Time to define an Aussie style-A RUN-IN FROM JETT.-GRADO.-His fitness studio INNER FOCUS Health and Fitness at Glenelg.-YOUR QUESTIONS and more.- Twitter @WrestleRadioAU @JoshJDArmour @NickArmstronger @FNXtreme @AUIndyWrestling @OzPodcasts


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- THEME SONG 'Here's Where The Action Is' by Thunderstag. - Main logo by Dane Davies.('A Lance Called Sting' performed by Lance Storm and others, produced by Josh)