Next week Mike Massive will be here. Until then, enjoy TWO FUN CHATS from our original feed.MR JUICY & MCW producer MIKEY JAY sit down with Josh backstage at Wrestle Rampage for an OUTRAGEOUS chat!

Then, The Solutions "WARSHIP" JAY BAILEY talks EPW Perth, being a fan as a kid, WarshipTV, what has inspired his character over the years, juggling family life & wrestling and loads more!

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---Episodes from our old feed are on our YouTube channel - original skits and interviews with Wrestling Observer Live host Bryan Alvarez, Kellyanne English, AAA Lucha star Australian Suicide, Matt 'GRIMM' Basso, TVs Santo Cilauro, 'City Of Evil' author Sean Fewster, Damian Slater, TMDK members Marcius Pitt & Jonah Rock, Lord Mark Williamson, Savannah Summers and many many more.


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