This episode of Youpreneur FM marks the end of our month-long celebration of the official launch of the audiobook version of my bestseller, Rise of the Youpreneur.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know all about the exciting things we’ve got going on this month. To recap, we’re giving away a FREE copy of the audiobook to anybody who doesn’t already have an Audible account. You can grab yours here.

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When you tune into this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear a sneak peek inside chapter 11 of my audiobook, where I deep dive into how you can develop a strong pricing strategy. You’ll also learn four ways to test out your next “big idea” to ensure that the launch of your new product or service is as successful as possible.

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • When establishing price points, you have to start by checking up on your competitors
  • Keep a keen eye on your competitors and look at what they’re offering, how they’re offering it and how much they’re charging
  • Remember that you are the most valuable player when it comes to staying ahead of your competition
  • Price your offerings in a way that shows the value of your expertise
  • Always charge what you’re worth and don’t apologise for it
  • A technique to help you avoid undercharging is to double your pricing
  • If you send a lot of emails and get very few responses, you need to reinvestigate your offer
  • Dry testing is selling a product that you’re not quite ready to fulfil
  • A dry test landing page strategy helps you to figure out whether or not people are interested in buying your product or services
  • Use Facebook ads to target your ideal customers and test different ads
  • Much, much more!

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