ROUND 1: A wanna-be ninja with a sword attacked an Army special ops unit in California in the middle of the night, hopefully he didn’t know MCMAP ROUND 2: Inside the office of a one-star Army general that 100% of soldiers rated ‘hostile’ ROUND 3: Are you over the age of 50 and get a majority of your news from Facebook? Stop that and listen up because the house that Zuckerberg built is in disarray ROUND 4: Fat Leaonard is going to give us the skinny in an upcoming tell-all podcast. Sex, drugs, bribery? Spill those beans, fattie. ROUND 5: Welp, we’re going broke (again). Could MINTING A TRILLION DOLLAR COIN save us?? ROUND 6: NERD ALERT! The British Army has extinguished the smoking lamp

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