Russia Strikes Children's Hospital In a tragic event, Russian missiles targeted Ukrainian cities, resulting in the deaths of at least 36 people and injuring over 149. Among the damaged buildings was the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, one of Ukraine’s largest cancer treatment centers for children. The attack destroyed several hospital units, leaving many trapped under the rubble. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the attack, calling for an emergency UN Security Council meeting. As international outrage grows, the incident adds urgency to the upcoming NATO summit, where leaders are expected to discuss further support for Ukraine. Pay Us Back 20 Years Later Vernon Reffitt, a former Army soldier who received a $30,000 lump-sum separation benefit in 1992, is now being asked to repay the amount. This demand comes 30 years later, as the VA has started withholding his monthly disability compensation. Reffitt’s case highlights a little-known law affecting thousands of veterans, requiring the repayment of separation benefits before receiving disability payments. Advocates argue that this law blindsides veterans, depriving them of deserved benefits. Legislation has been proposed to address this issue, but many veterans, like Reffitt, are currently struggling with the financial burden. Butt Funnel in a Small Town A scandal has erupted in Waycross, Georgia, following a viral video of an after-hours party at Rodeo Mexican Restaurant. The video shows a group of partiers attempting a "margarita butt-funnel-turned-butt-luge," leading to a public outcry in the conservative town. The restaurant issued a statement and is cooperating with authorities in an investigation. Despite the backlash, many locals and online commenters find the incident humorous, though it raises questions about public behavior and privacy in small communities. Saved Rounds: Chaps: Discusses golfing and catching up with old Marine buddies at the Barstool Classic. Kate: Shares excitement about a new physical therapist at the VA and updates on her child’s milestones.

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