Round 1: Pirates on the high seas on Somalia are causing issues in San Francisco… wait… No. The pirates are actually from Oakland. Round 2: An Army unit wants its soldiers to take lie detector tests for training. Good idea or bad idea? Well, typically lie detector tests and the military arent that great. Round 1: Homeless pirates are now marauding onto houseboats in the San Francisco Bay in the latest criminal enterprise to plague California. Residents along the Oakland-Alameda estuary told a community meeting last week that boats have been cut loose so that they drift out to sea. One woman even recounted how she had rescued another resident on a sailboat in the middle of the night after pirates slashed his rigging lines during an argument. The brazen thieves - whose homeless encampments have spilled out of the city - are taking small motor-powered dinghies and using them in smash-and-grab raids on larger vessels and houseboats.

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