Wow we made it to 200 episodes! Or something. We've probably done more but this is the 200th OFFICIAL one. Thanks for listening. Today's rounds:

Round 1: Boot Marine tackles the ever-loving-dog shit out of two teens who were fist-fighting. The Marine Corps' statement on the fight is a wild ride.

Round 2: City Chickens were taking over a hanger. An Army CWO authorized the use of airsoft guns via an official memo. This is the type of unit people think they are joining when they sign up. We'll tell you why. 

Round 3: The DoD issued strong warnings for military members, their spouses, and all dependents. STOP FUCKING VAPING. We have one message for you, DoD. Come and Take it. 

Round 4: We've got a long way to go with VA care. A veteran was covered in ant bites while getting treatment for cancer. It's an awful story but one that needs to be heard so it doesn't happen again

Round 5: The reserve and guard components of the military has a manning problem and the Rand Corporation is suggesting allowing some members to work from home. We have questions.


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