ROUND 1: Word on the street is that Trump is saying “Pardon” more than a group of Canadians trying to get through a crowded room, and he's got plans to exonerate some military personnel over Memorial Day Weekend.

ROUND 2: The U.S. military spent over $42 billion in research and development in 2018, and though a lot of that goes to weapons programs, a good amount leads to products we use in the civilian world. We'll go over some every-day items that you might not realize came from our military.

ROUND 3: We've got an interview with the Washington Post's Dan Lamothe who has the latest scoop on two Navy SEALS & two Marine Raiders charged with killing a Green Beret in Mali.

ROUND 4: Sub-par behavior on a Navy sub has come to light on the USS Florida and Kate has some words for those little bitcc boiiiis.

ROUND 5: You may want to start stocking up on cartons of Marlboros and logs of Copenhagen like you're about to go on deployment, because a new bill would make it harder to buy dip or a pack of smokes at your local exchange if you aren't 21!



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