Round 1: Business Insider made a soup sandwich of a video about military terms and it's fucked up beyond all recognition 

Round 2: Pure comedy in Yemen as a squawking bird wreaks havoc on ISIS fighters trying to record a very serious video 

Round 3: In 2012 Marine Major Jason Brezler was discharged from the Marine Corps for sending urgent info over an unclassified email. This week it's back in the news & we'll tell you why. 

Round 4: An interview with Tulsi Gabbard that ended with a little controversy. We'll talk about that interview and the situation surrounding what happened. It was a wild ride. 

Round 5/Saved Round: Bringing the Austin Tice story (7th year anniversary) back to light. Expect a deep dive on this one next week!  #FreeAustinTice 

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