ROUND 1: The news that the Taliban were going to meet with Trump at Camp David the day before 9/11 caused a firestorm, but now the talks have stalled & they're not meeting at all

ROUND 2: The Army has launched an inquiry into how a teen with autism and arm disorders was recruited

ROUND 3: General McCraven's Lessons In Leadership

ROUND 4: ISIS is using cows as suicide bombers but I hate that term because these beautiful beautiful cows dont have a choice in the matter. They are murder bombers.

ROUND 5: Does the term “If it ain't rainin', we ain't trainin'” make you roll your eyes a little? We get into a little PT talk with a poll from the ZBT twitterverse. 

ROUND 6:  With the 18th anniversary of September 11th this week we'll be closing out the show by re-playing an interview we recorded last year with our co-worker Large. He lost his father-in-law in the attacks, and we're so grateful he shared his story with us.