Round 1: Things are getting crazy with our beloved Navy. The Secretary of the Navy was fired after going around the Secretary of Defense in order to cut a drug deal with the President regarding Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. 

Round 2: An Army Lt Col is taking charge of troops in a combat zone like nobody ever has before. When you hear this story, your head will be spinning. 

Round 3: The fucking Russians are back to their old tricks. 

Round 4: Marine Corps Sergeant Brendan VanDalinda, who has been diagnosed with cancer, went to the Patriots game on Sunday where he was honored with Super Bowl tickets and then dropped a pass from Tom Brady like a boot. We bring him on the show to discuss if he “followed it” or not. 

Round 5: It's our Thanksgiving episode. We are gonna gather at our internet Thanksgiving table and tell you some things that we are Thankful for. No one better touch the fucking deviled eggs before we finish giving thanks! 


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