Round 1: Greatest of all Time song Goofin this morning as we head into the 4th of July weekend ROUND 2: You might wanna grab an ice cube ‘cause we got some piping hot tea. An instagram account run by a Marine Corps veteran has higher up’s boot blouses in a knot after holding a March Madness style contest to find the worst unit in the Corps. ROUND 3: Our guy Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Yarborough is at it again & this time he’s clapping back at the neanderthals crying about LGBTQ in our military ROUND 4: Specialist Vanessa Guillen has been missing from Fort Hood for more than two months and the case is making national news as her family, friends & supporters demand a stronger response from the Army. ROUND 5: Far out - the Navy is begging Sailors to stop buying LSD online. We say leave ‘em alone, they just want their deployment to be a real trip!

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