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Hey there, you awesome person you! Congratulations: you’ve survived several months of a Donald Trump presidency. And double congratulations: you’re pushing through this dark period despite having to experience it...
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Flux : The Gist
...and incarceration, and the woes of being six-foot-nine. (Not enough suits.) In Remembrances of Things Trump: so many Seans, so little time. In the spiel, supposed contradictions of pro-free speech. Email...
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Flux : Up First
...complicated by the assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist. An appeals court shoots down President Trump's effort to have Pennsylvania's vote certification quashed. As millions travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, how...
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Flux : Woman's Hour
In court in New York last week President Trump’s niece, Mary J Trump found out that a temporary restraining order on her book about...
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September 28th News Of The Week - Trump's Secret Ukraine Man Crush

Eric Renderking Fisk / The Fedora Chronicles Network
...Cousineau and Eric Renderking Fisk talk about finding new work, Ukraine-Gate, Joe Biden's memory problems, Trump’s man-crush for Obama, and more laughs… then before we’re rudely interrupted by a system crash...
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Flux : Encore!
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Flux : SpyCast
...his father who had flown up from Texas for the event and remarked, “I hope Trump is good for the FBI.” Josh Campbell, former Special Assistant to the Director of the...
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Flux : Fourth Estate
...broadcasting, to what extent the freedom and safety of journalists will be guaranteed in a Trump administration, and how more user-generated video on social media will turn newsgathering on its head....
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Rock Dudes #38. Trump, Rockscener, Streaming och 70000 Tons Of Metal. Jonas and Ömer pratar om lite olika ämnen i...
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Flux : Bigmouth
...new Lemony Snicket adaptation and how the entertainment world is dealing with the Dawn of Trump. Click to listen or download. And don't forget you can hear all the tracks played...
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It looks like Donald Trump Jr TRIED to collude with the Russians

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Avik Roy, Eitan Hersh, Jonathan Cohn, Josh Barro, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Rich Lowry, Susan Hennessey)
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Flux : To the Point
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...to mitigate global warming, which went into effect in November 2016. In June 2017, President Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the agreement. Sue sat down with...
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From February 20, 2018: The military has been not been a refuge from the Trump administration's norm-defying nature. Jack Goldsmith speaks to Phil Carter, a senior fellow at the Center...
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From the Lawfare Archive, July 17, 2018: U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki for their first one-on-one summit, where the...
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