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...parents to staring at smartphones, parenting is quite different in the 21st century to the 1970s. Daily Telegraph Columnist Angela Mollard chats to Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett on The Daily Drive about...
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Not once, but twice in the 1970s people buried amazingly valuable Ferraris, arguably the greatest sports cars ever built. One was dug...
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Flux : Dad Rock
...hosts Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan look back fondly on the one-hit wonders of the '70s. So put on those big stereo headphones, pour a glass of cold duck, get comfortable...
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Flux : AM Radio
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...go back and play the game, "My Life as a..." and this time it's a 70s song. All the answers must be either a title or a lyric from a song...
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Next instalment of 24 randomly picked 45s from the goody box. All tracks between early 70s and early 80s. Mainly classics with a few lesser knowns/obscurities sandwiched in. 1 * Emanuel...
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...who took the time and made the effort to post a comment on my first 70s cast. Cheers! 1 * Wilson Love . Funny money . NS 2 * Clyde Milton...
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Whit Strub and Laura Helen Marks on on Porn in the 70s (VoiceAmerica)
...collection Porno Chic and the Sex Wars, which places pornography at the heart of the 1970s American experience
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Flux : Pantheon
In show 35 Martin explains the Circumstances with Rush and Judas Priest in the ‘70s in these five songs: Judas Priest – “Never Satisfied” Judas Priest – “Island of Domination”...
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