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...to the Forest of Martyrs outside Jerusalem - and the impact of one protest in particular.
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Flux : Film Reviews
Viva is another retelling, though a particularly affecting one, of a classic tale -- the struggle to discover and assert one's authentic...
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...media but as you’ll see in the first few scenes of this documentary, she's not particularly interested in talking about herself.
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...Technology Kate St. John keeps an eagle eye on birds in general and falcons in particular through her oft-updated blog at www.wqed.org/birdblog/
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In Tanzania poverty can have a devastating effect on health – particularly for women and children.  But, its not just Africa that has this problem….
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...but Microsoft have pulled the plug on the kinect. A surprise to absolutely no-one in particular.
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EXP Podcast #43: Tact and Dead Celebrities

The Experience Points Podcast
...is our entertainment media is fascinating. We tend to overly praise and ridicule these individuals, particularly celebrities. Deciding which depiction of a cultural figure is too offensive or disrespectful is no...
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In this episode, Randy and Debbie talk more about holiday cooking. In particular they go in to turkey and other meat preparations as well as stuffing recipes.
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Jo Sings Frank (More or Loesser)

Broadway to Main Street
...a real affinity for the Broadway songbook, and for the songs of Frank Loesser in particular.
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Flux : Off Track
...home to sea eagles, short-tailed shearwaters, stick-nest rats and brush-tailed bettongs – and also some particularly venomous black tiger snakes.
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...we explore titles that delve into the culture of a country, the cuisine of a particular city and the character of a specific street: ‘Fare’, ‘Flaneur’ and ‘Lodestars Anthology’.
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#199: Aaron Paul, Anthony Mackie

The Empire Film Podcast
...Mackie, stars of new thriller Triple 9, join us in the pod booth for a particularly gritty and macho interview. Plus, we discuss the Empire Awards nominations.
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Ardyn: Throwing Stones

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
...the British brother-sister duo Ardyn says, "'Throwing Stones' was inspired by feeling very disillusioned, in particular with the current state of politics and unrest in the world..."
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Flux : 99% Invisible
...of what was to come. Album art was certainly important to reporter Sean Cole, one particular album by one particular band: Devo. This is the story of Devo’s first record and...
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This Is How Rumors Get Started brought their particular brand of uber-catchy music for sunny days to the Flophouse last April. They’ll be kicking...
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