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We get the lo-fi lowdown on Go! Team, sample the beautiful techno of Kompakt, and lift the lid on tracks by the Decemberists, Adele and Brother
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This Seattle-based drone- and techno-influenced singer songwriter goes down her own electric trail in this session.
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Visual Approach To The Aesthetics Of Techno - Concept (3'12) FR-019 (Poem to a Horse) - Farbrausch (6'08) Tom Thumb - TPOLM...
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...SNL cast member competes in a Halloween trivia quiz and shares with our audience the techno joys that make him happy.
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Helena Hauff: “No Qualms”

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Helena Hauff is a well-known DJ specializing in stripped-down techno that's strictly analog. Her new album fulfills the task at hand, as she jams on...
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Seperate Minds - "First Bass (Remix)" - Techno 1 Obscurum - "Conveyor Belt" - Inmitable Methods [Obscurum = Ronald L., D. Blaze] Endemic...
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...Michigan, from Motown Soul and Funk, Jazz and Blues, to the origin of Punk and Techno, featuring the Supremes, Iggy Pop, Derrick May and Jimmy Ruffin
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...their favorite songs about writers. They'll also review the latest from rocker Bob Mould and techno-indie artist Sneaks.
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...their favorite songs about writers. They'll also review the latest from rocker Bob Mould and techno-indie artist Sneaks.
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Flux : Encore!
Our guest is techno artist Kelly Lee Owens, who has just released her second solo album, "Inner Song". Its ten...
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It's hard to believe that Nortec Collective created their signature Tijuana-based electronic sound fusing Norteño and Techno music some 20 years ago. To celebrate their accomplishments, we turn to a reissue from...
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...My Morning Jacket, the Shins, Paul Simon and Vampire Weekend; and Neon Indian, some lo-fi techno from Austin.
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New Wave

Lava Lamp Lounge
...but it was born in the seventies! We explore the pioneers who used world beats, techno, art house, and even rockabilly, to craft their unique sound, and forge the bedrock for...
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On the vaguely unsettling, but satisfyingly pulpy FOX techno-thriller series Next, John Slattery plays a genius billionaire who blows the whistle on an artificial...
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...on the 16th of December. ”It is going to be a different way of experiencing techno as we are combining art of music and visuals. Projection mapping is an important part...
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