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Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt wants a referendum on Indigenous constitutional recognition within three years, but can the Liberal party unite on this issue? Katharine Murphy...
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...even if the president murdered someone he could not be indicted or even investigated, the Constitutional crisis deepened and Trump became harder to defend. Join our great guests Susan Hennessey of Lawfare,...
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  Guest Matthew Streib, Director of Communications of the Washington Coalition to Amend the Constitution, speaks with Diane Horn about I-735, a measure that would urge the Washington state congressional...
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...Butler talks about all the news we forgot about thanks to the Kavanaugh hearing. The Constitution is a sacred text in America, but should it be? Heidi Schreck’s play What the...
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...theater," "spectacle" or "circus." But do these exaggerated performances on Capitol Hill actually serve a constitutional purpose? Margaret Taylor sat down with Josh Chafetz, a law professor and author of the...
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Brian Kalt is a professor of law at Michigan State University. In 2012, he wrote "Constitutional Cliffhangers, " a book about all of the gaps in and the potentially disruptive interpretations...
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Sex, Ducks, and The Founding Feud

wnycdigital@gmail.com (WNYC Studios)
Flux : Radiolab
...and disrupted duck hunts provide a very odd look into the soul of the US Constitution.
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Tom solos on humor and Boston

Big Pop Fun with Tom Wilson
Tom is just back from Boston, with news of the Constitution, his new job description, and an unusual song. Enjoy!
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...foundational roles in the formation of the young republic. He was a drafter of the constitution, a leader of the Democratic-Republican party, and America’s first wartime president. In a sweeping biography,...
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In the wake of the Uluru Statement and the sinking of constitutional recognition, there was hope and cynicism at last weekend's Garma Festival.
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...on what the Founders said at the time the Impeachment Clause was written into the Constitution. But there’s another way to think about an impeachable offense: by looking at the offenses...
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Impeachment has become a charged word in our national political debate. But the framers of our Constitution saw it as an essential tool in protecting the integrity of our government and the...
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