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Episode 275: Washington County Cheese Tour

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...in to hear Angela Miller discuss the history of the farm, and the upcoming Washington County Cheese Tour, on September 10th and 11th, 2016.
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...42:45 CELTIC FEEDBACK 45:08 "Kael K'kwll" by Dom Duff from K'kwll 48:01 "Star of the County Down" by The Gobshites from Some of the Best 50:29 "A Girl" by Greenwich Meantime...
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...an album from Porter Wagoner put out at the peak of his powers: "The Carroll County Accident" (1969). His syndicated TV show was in it's eighth year of production, Dolly Parton...
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...week, Summer chats with playwright Jennifer Rumberger and actor Krista D’Agostino about “Night in Alachua County”, a WildClaw Theatre production, now playing on stage at The Den in Chicago. Krista talks...
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...Kathryn Barger co-authored a motion that got approved Tuesday to draft an ordinance requiring all county-funded housing to allow pets. Solis cited studies showing that people with pets “experience fewer symptoms...
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As storm clouds gather, LA County prepares

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...with signage to provide information regarding the newly planted native vegetation. Photo courtesy Los Angeles County Public Works. In 1959 the Oxford Basin in Marina del Rey was built to manage...
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...Tom Anderson & Phil Anderson of the popular St. Croix Valley area rock band, Polk County Rockers! We discuss: PoCo pride & folklore, memories of Andy Stevens, etc. Enjoy!
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...Tom Anderson & Phil Anderson of the popular St. Croix Valley area rock band, Polk County Rockers! We discuss: rocked up Kool 108 tunes, NOFX, Blue Eyed Special, etc. Enjoy!
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Historic voter turnout expected in Orange County

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...on a few key races across the country, and some of them are in Orange County. We check in with the OC Registrar’s office. In-person turnout is already significantly higher than...
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We made it to ten episodes! In this episode we discussed The Bridges of Madison County, a slow and lumpen nineties film starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. We also discuss...
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Bill Cody with Chatham County Line, recorded April 10, 2014 at WSM Radio in Nashville.  The guys stopped by to...
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