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Halfway to St. Patrick's Day #145

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
...Albafrom Nithi Sessions “Balto” by Enter the Haggisfrom Modern Revolution “Du rhum des Femmes” by Bodh’aktanfrom Au diable les remords “Grain of Sand” by Skelligfrom Kingdom Come “Farewell to Ireland” by Gael Warningfrom Audio Visions:...
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2-Hours of Celtic Canadian Music #254

Marc Gunn, Madd Paddy, Rant Maggie Rant, Bonhomme Setter, Coole Park, The Fretless
...Elemental Broad Cove (Inverness Co.), Nova Scotia 1:10:16 "Du Rhum, Des Femmes" by Bodh'aktan from Au diable les remords Montreal 1:12:41 "The Old Wild Boar" by The Malarkeys from Bloody Brillaint Kelowna, BC...
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397. David L. Craddock on Quake and Diablo

David Barr Kirtley and John Joseph Adams
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TLMR 043 Saint Diablo

andrew.verissimo@gmail.com (Andrew Fish)
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BRB UK 317: West Country Bob

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BRB UK 250: Massive Patch!

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BRB UK 314: You Love it!

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BRB UK 391: Super Sexy Drive

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