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Alex Ross Perry

Alexi Wasser
Flux : Love, Alexi
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...for what it means for Stardom, potential crossover opportunity with NJPW, the ripple effect on Joshi and future plans already announced for Stardom and any potential changes. We follow it up...
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...Hall show. Other talking points are the AXIS split in Pro Wrestling NOAH, the new Joshi „Assemble“ as well as the first GLEAT card.  
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...new Eastern Lariat episode brings an extensive update on New Japan, All Japan, DDT and Joshi Wrestling. STRIGGA & Dylan discuss the return of the Golden Lovers and other news and...
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Flux : Fourth Estate
...Times' decision to partner with Google to moderate reader comments. With Osman Faruqi (Junkee), Ketan Joshi (freelance) and Margo Kingston (No Fibs). Hosted by Marilyn Hetreles. Fourth Estate is produced by...
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...shows, the post main event angle and – starting the show – a look at Joshi Wrestling in the year 2020.
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...the dojo and the trials and tribulations involved in the Dojo system in a modern Joshi company, who helped train her and who she was most impressed with in her year...
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...Lariat Dylan is joined by POST Wrestlings WH Park (@whpark9) to discuss the latest in Joshi Wrestling! You get WH's live experience going to Golden week shows including Stardom's Cinderella tournament...
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...before they slow down to get back on the bandwagon known as NOAH THE REBORN. Joshi wrestling also continues to be in the focus of the Eastern Lariat crew as they...
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...5 Star Grand Prix so far while STRIGGA jumps in as the two debate Tokyo Joshi Pro's Tokyo Princess Cup and Dramatic Dream Team's King of DDT tournament. Another huge talking...
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Episode 36: Josh Greenfield

info@heritageradionetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
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...the company as a whole, but also for their top stars. In brighter news Tokyo Joshi Pro had a very good show on the same day as Power Struggle so STRIGGA...
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...Giulia jumping from Ice Ribbon to Stardom which caused a lot of turmoil in the Joshi scene. STRIGGA & Dylan first address this topic and look at the possible motivations. In...
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