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...For What You've Got Temptations/ Papa Was A Rolling Stone Curtis Mayfield/ Superfly Bar-Kays/ Soulfinger James Brown / Funky Drummer Blue Magic/Stop To Start The Dramatics/ Be My Girl Michael Henderson/Be My...
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555: Cover Me

Stupid Rabbit
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Too Darn Hot

Deeper Roots
...hot country biscuits from Asleep at the Wheel and Al Dexter, hot soul stew from James Brown and Major Lance, and some humid yet playful pieces from Fats Waller and Lee Press-on...
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The Edwin Organ Podcast

Podcart's New Music Podcast
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...Back” features a rhythm & blues vocal group from Winston-Salem, NC that not only influenced James Brown , but quite possibly the entire soul movement of the late ’50s into the 1960s;...
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Dame Judi Dench

BBC Radio 4
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...some of his heroes, the influence of his family, some great musical experiences, discipline, Australia, James Brown , being more open-minded and LOADS more cool stories. Fun conversation with this gentle soul...
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#796 Best Band Lineup Changes, Opinions on Arlo Parks & slowthai

jimdero@jimdero.com (Greg Kot, Jim DeRogatis, Andrew Gill, Alex Claiborne)
...Lies Down on Broadway, Charisma, 1974 Genesis, "Squonk," A Trick of the Tail, Charisma, 1976 James Brown , "I Got the Feelin'," I Got the Feelin', King, 1968 James Brown, "Get Up...
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Heartbreaker | BEB 389

Black-Eyed N Blues
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...Off FUTURE / DRAKE - Where You At LIL WAYNE - I Feel Good (+ JAMES BROWN Intro) LIL WAYNE - I'm That Nigga (+ YG Intro) DAWN PENN - No no...
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...city s finest musicians, and all around good guy, tells stories about hanging out with James Brown , among others, and improvises a song about defecation at Christmas Day. Cecile Monteyne is...
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