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Celtic Christmas 2011 Special with Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #29

Marc Gunn, Brocelïande, The Dregs, Coyote Run, Ceann, MacTalla Mor, The Elders
Celtic Christmas music from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast featuring music from John McGaha, Jed...
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Celtic Christmas Music Special #14 with Irish & Celtic Music Podcast -

Marc Gunn, Liz Carroll, Seamus Kennedy, Hibernian Festival Singers, Kevin Behan, Eileen Ivers, Tania Opland, Neidfyre
Celtic Christmas music from the 2009 Celtic Christmas Show of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast....
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#1 Celtic Christmas Music Special with Irish & Celtic Music Podcast -

Marc Gunn, Stonecircle, Brothers 3, Celtic Stone, Gypsy Soul, Stuart Martz, E.J. Jones, Cara Dillon, Pol Mac Adaim
Celtic Christmas music from the 2006 Celtic Christmas Special of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast....
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Today, I launch what I hope to be a daily podcast of Celtic Christmas music where I share my thoughts about Celtic music and Christmas music. Today, I...
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Celtic Top 20 Irish & Celtic Music Bands of 2018 #390

Marc Gunn, Dervish, Talisk, Screaming Orphans, The Gothard Sisters, The Selkie Girls
We are ending 2018 with the Best Irish & Celtic music of 2018 as voted on you in the Celtic Top 20. Enjoy music from Talisk,...
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Indie Celtic music from The Wild Clover Band, Michael William Harrison, Marita Brake, Tenpenny Travelers, Willie McCulloch, Stuart...
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Celtic Rock BONUS

Marc Gunn, Rising Gael, John McLean Allan, The Changing Room, Syr, Marys Lane
...about it at KrabbeConnect.org Because of the new single, I decided to put together this Celtic Rock Bonus. If you enjoy my song, please add it to your playlist when it...
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Celtic Adventures #161

Marc Gunn, Brobdingnagian Bards, Kilted Kings
We're going off on Celtic Adventures with music from my various bands that tell stories of travel and adventure. Do...
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Celtic Italy #445

Marc Gunn, Don Grieve, Kyn, MaterDea, Connemara Stone Company, HEXPEROS, Doug Folkins
Italy too has a vast Celtic heritage. We’re gonna explore a tiny sampling of music from Celtic Italy on the Irish...
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Celtic Soul #422

Marc Gunn, The Fretless, Albannahc, Poor Man's Fortune, Bag Haggis, The Changing Room
Take in a little Celtic soul with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. The Fretless, Circled by Hounds, Ed Miller,...
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Celtic Halloween #381

Marc Gunn, Heavy Blarney, Anne Roos, Daimh, Merry Wives of Windsor
Happy Halloween with ghoulish Celtic music from The Here & Now, Diamh, Merry Wives of Windsor, Flowers of Edinburgh, Gone Molly,...
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Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #329 features spreads the truth with great Celtic music from Bellow Bridge, Telenn Tri,...
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Grinning Beggar is taking over the show with Celtic punk from The Biblecode Sundays, The Pourmen, California Celts, McScallywag, Nevermind Nessie, The O'Reillys and the...
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Celtic Halloween #281

Marc Gunn, Spencer Murray & Pipeslinger, Burning Bridget Cleary, Anne Roos, Bill Grogan's Goat, The Shams
Happy Halloween!  Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is back with another Celtic Halloween special with music from Faerydae, Barleyjuice, Spencer Murray...
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Celtic Dedication #269

Marc Gunn, Becky Taylor, Anton Emery, Headland, Round the House, Shillelagh!, NUA, Brobdingnagian Bards, Blackwater, Cu Dubh,
...dedicated Michael Liebmann. If you're a long-time listener, then you have heard Michael in the Celtic Feedback section where he was a regular contributor. He was also a big promoter of...
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