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Call of Cthulhu - Tatters of the King 25

The Rancor's Brothel | A Tabletop Gaming Podcast
Evading further trouble in Milan, the party sets off to track down Quarrie in India.  Yet there are many miles...
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Call of Cthulhu - Tatters of the King 23

The Rancor's Brothel | A Tabletop Gaming Podcast
...members of the cult of the King in Yellow are no low brow thugs in Milan, but refined members of the artistic and education community. But where are these men, and...
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new fall

Flux : Schattenjacht
...& Morgan Fisher - Pretty Little Girl Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Ocean City Cassé - Spigelei Milan W. - Brass Chamber Tolouse Low Trax - Milk In Water  
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Call of Cthulhu - Tatters of the King 22

The Rancor's Brothel | A Tabletop Gaming Podcast
...the horrifying thing that came from the trees, our investigators now set their sights on Milan and trail of Malcolm Quarrie. But what has he been up to all this time?...
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Flux : Moterrific
...Adventure in Italy with EICMA but mostly about her little solo trip around Bologna, Lake Como, Milan, and Verona. InRoute, a way for you to create .gpx files and step by step...
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14027 Verdi: Messa da Requiem

Classical Music Discoveries
...poet and novelist whom Verdi admired. The first performance, at the San Marco church in Milan on 22 May 1874, marked the first anniversary of Manzoni's death. The work was at...
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...third son, Archduke Ferdinand, and Princess Maria Beatrice of Modena. The wedding was held in Milan on October 15, 1771. Purchase the music (without talk) for only $2.99 at: http://www.classicalsavings.com/store/p1135/Mozart%3A_Ascanio_in_Alba%2C_K._111.html Your...
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Episode 123: 14123 Verdi - Oberto

Classical Music Discoveries
...over a period of four years and was first performed at the Teatro alla Scala, Milan, on 17 November 1839. The La Scala production enjoyed "a fair success" and the theatre's...
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Flux : The Gist
...Dicky, Bogy Tees Off by Dottie Pepper and Not Cool To Bully in School by Milan Lucic. Our own recommended reading list includes Sticks and Stones by Emily Bazelon, Ben Rides...
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DftUnderground Episode 394

Dispatches from the Underground
...the California band Intro5pect, Bobette of Montreal’s Union Thugs, and artist and activist Vittoria from Milan, Italy. PLUS we listen to music from the Subhumans, Union Thugs, Perdixion, and a brand...
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...'M' Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Diga Diga Do DJ Larin - My Old Girlfriend Milan & Phoenix - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)   Logo: David Göbel Produced by Agony Aunt Studios ...
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Episode 5: 14005 Verdi: Nabucco

Classical Music Discoveries
...Under its original name of Nabucodonosor, the opera was first performed at La Scala in Milan on 9 March 1842. Purchase the music (without talk) for only $2.99 at: http://www.classicalsavings.com/store/p463/Verdi%3A_Nabucco.html Your...
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13129 Mozart: The Salzburg Divertimentos

Classical Music Discoveries
...which effectively, was an honorary knighthood. In 1771, while touring Italy, Wolfgang was honored by Milan’s musical elite for his exceptional work. The 3 Divertimentos in this broadcast were composed in...
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Flux : Planet Money
...us out with up-and-coming EDM star Porter Robinson's "Divinity," featuring sweet vocals from Stars' Amy Milan and enough joyous bounce to make Stephen grin.
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