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Flux : Ungagged!
...for a fourth term and the Scottish Green Party increased ther presence in the Scottish Parliament.
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WA Country Hour

Western Australia Country Hour
The Animal Welfare and Trespass Amendment Bill gets introduced to state parliament today but not everyone like the look of it. A Western Australian farmer is using...
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Will another vote in the UK parliament help to break the Brexit impasse? Plus: the complexities of governing Taiwan, why a respected...
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...and actor, Bob Odenkirk, plus the historian, author and DJ Rickey Vincent tells us why Parliament's Mothership Connection ended an era - and then started a new one.
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...its ties with the US? The UK Supreme Court investigates whether Boris Johnson suspension of parliament was legal, and how will attacks on Saudi oil facilities affect the war in Yemen?
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Friday 29 May

Monocle 24
We have the latest from Brazil, now the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, Iran’s parliament elects a new speaker, we assess the approval ratings for the UK’s government and this...
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...Glorious Revolution of 1688, the real Revolution, was not of armies and kings but of Parliaments and politics and people. Today we discuss, arguably, the two most important people in that...
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...engulfed the country. Plus: the world’s most profitable company prepares to go public, the UK parliament elects a new speaker and Finland anticipates a particularly cold winter.
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What happens if the UK parliament refuses to pass Theresa May’s Brexit deal? Plus: more countries temporarily bar the Boeing 737...
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Flux : Up First
British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a vote of no confidence in Parliament today, after lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected her Brexit plan. Meanwhile, federal employees in the U.S. search...
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...lead to chaos in the region? Plus: the UK government asks the Queen to suspend parliament, Bernie Sanders unveils his plans to transform journalism and we ask whether political debate needs...
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...Silva will be able to contest October’s elections, examine Emmanuel Macron’s attempts to reshape France’s parliament and look at Saudi Arabia’s plans to attract tourists. Plus: does satire influence our view...
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Western Australia Country Hour

Western Australia Country Hour
A group of unions is in Parliament House Canberra today calling for a Royal Commission into Australia's horticulture industry. The Australian Workers...
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Spain's far-right party just won more than 50 seats in its parliament, reminding some of the country's fascist past. Yes, the party is called "VOX". Learn more...
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...along with representatives from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other experts; a Member of the UK Parliament testified about how the UK Parliament is innovating to meet the demands of social distancing....
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