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We Get Back In Time

iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks
Flux : Fw:Thinking
Seriously, is time travel possible? We take a look at the philosophy and physics of time travel. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
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...restaurateur Danny Meyer. They sit down to talk about the origins of Shake Shack, the philosophy of Union Square Hospitality Group, and the importance of surrounding yourself with an amazing team.
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151 CC Barbara Lynch on Food, Memory, and Being Her Own Boss

The Clever Cookstr's Quick and Dirty Tips from the World's Best Cooks
...A Life of Playing with Fire, joins the Clever Cookstr to talk about her food philosophy, her seven renowned Boston restaurants, and her new book.
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...of the Future Thinkers Podcast! Here we will talk about futurology, technology, singularity, spirituality, and philosophy. In this episode, we talk about meditation being a possibly window into how an AI's...
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...the banking royal commission and slow wage growth signs of a backlash against the economic philosophy of neoliberalism? Bernard Keane, political editor at Crikey, joins Katharine Murphy to dissect how the...
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...veterans Mike Beck, Maureen Lloren and Ned Sedlak, Swoon City Music was built on the philosophy of artists first and a commitment to developing successful careers for their artists in a...
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Andy Aledort joins us for the first installment of "Guitar Philosophy In Lockdown". Periodically through this madness thats happening on Planet Earth we will have a...
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129 CC Essential Tips for Weekend Cooking

The Clever Cookstr's Quick and Dirty Tips from the World's Best Cooks
...the cookbook A Recipe for Cooking, joins the Clever Cookstr to talk about his food philosophy in the kitchen, at the dinner table, and beyond. Read the full transcript here: http://bit.ly/2ixl2aC
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Podcast 47 - The Residents

Boston Rock / Talk
...the performance-based art collective and band, The Residents. Hardy talks to Jim about the group's philosophy behind their themes, especially the long-running initiative to keep the members of the group unknown.
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Flux : TechStuff
What is the Pirate Bay? What is the philosophy behind the site? Why was a court case brought against the owners? Learn more about...
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Got a personal philosophy but as a song? This is the week for you! Personal anthems are songs that...
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...Tactical Institute. We had Rob on the podcast last year to discuss his physical fitness philosophy. Today on the show, I talk to Rob about his philosophy towards work and life...
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...across on how the Greeks saw manliness as intertwined with virtue is by professor of philosophy Angela Hobbs. In Plato and the Hero: Courage, Manliness, and the Impersonal Good, Hobbs goes...
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...Beer Judge Certification Program, joins me this week to discuss Modern Homebrew Recipes and his philosophy for designing beer recipes.  Gordon provides a unique perspective on how he creates award winning...
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