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Jim and Greg discuss the business of hip-hop with Dan Charnas, author of The Big Payback.
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...others, backing off and letting people do their own thing, and THE most classic “Music Business Story” ever heard on this show. LOADS of really cool stuff! Joe West Interview: Joe...
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...by guiding a meditation and then giving a Dhamma talk on 'Healing a Relationship by Completing Unfinished Business' ( starting at 15:55 into the recording). Next Sue Lee discussed the Pure Land Centre Project,...
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How to Have a Sustainable Career in the Film Business with Straw Weisman I always talk about "hustle" and that "you have to keep moving...
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...a time. Peydon Twing is a hustler. Not in the traditional sense, but in the business sense. I’ve known him for quite some time because I had booked his old band...
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...THOUGHT they wanted.  And a collaboration that not only grew her audience but shot her business into an entirely new stratosphere!   Check out more about Kendra here → http://www.kendrahennessy.com/
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...you want to call it) in order to produce big results for you in your business.  And ultimately, so that you can thoroughly enjoy your journey as a woman entrepreneur!  ...
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...so I have the advantage of having an intimate view of how Maria manages her business and her kids and I always stand in awe.  Of course she has tough times,...
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...with her that the title of her episode would be Five F*&#^@g Kids and a Business!  Now, obviously, I changed the title to be a bit more appropriate, but that’s pretty...
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