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...E Minor parts of the tune use the Natural Minor Scale rather than the Dorian Mode.
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Émission du 17 juin 2016

info@choq.ca (CHOQ.CA)
Flux : BRRRAA de fer
BRRRAA de fer en mode Rhum-coca épisode 2 c'est parti. Sortez la glace pilée, tassez les meubles du salon et...
Medium 234f6231383d01eec2f719bb977faf9b2d30dfea
Scott Holmes - "The Light Between Us" A La Mode - "To The Wind" - A La Mode Michael Chapman - "In The Valley" -...
Medium 41ef4f13a9a754be51a0e2003f0ae71444fdcc60
Stranglers, Kincade, Talking Heads, Bee Gees, Dusty Springfield, Cream, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Jimmy Nail .... and as usual more besides !
Medium e24178aace7c38bc633c9b9acea51592d79a087c
...charming anyone within arm's reach. Once in front of an audience, he was in attack mode, including a unique rendition of his signature hit.
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...charming anyone within arm's reach. Once in front of an audience, he was in attack mode, including a unique rendition of his signature hit.
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Makayla Lynn

Bizarre States
Bowser is back in solo mode so he's invited Makayla Lynn to talk about her experience in the paranormal! If you...
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A2G57 - The Madness Is All Consuming

AXE TO GRIND PODCAST & Sound Talent Media
Mosh Madness is in full swing. We're talking hotdogs, big dogs, night mode, font size, rebates, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, CODE ORANGE, TITLE FIGHT, BLACKLISTED, TAKE OFFENSE, CONCEALED BLADE,...
Medium a92bb65353767d767c14e5c09387f48d85b3b56b
...and processed versions of original recordings and plays them on six CD players on shuffle mode in this highly unique performance.
Medium a92bb65353767d767c14e5c09387f48d85b3b56b
...recordings edited, processed and put onto CDRs then performed by 6 CD players in shuffle mode. The results are highly entertaining and unique to each performance.
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St. Vincent on pop music and pills

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Madeleine Brand)
...new album called “Masseduction.” It comes with a new sound that’s a little 80s, Depeche Mode-esque. She talks about her music, move to LA, and what she likes to listen to...
Medium 5ffd44e5a18749d75b9604ae040b534726275304
...show you can hear: Voices – Swoon Tony Molina – Nothing I Can Say Drift Mode – I Only Want To (Rock and Roll) Groovy Uncle – Play Something We Know...
Medium 5cbb02d5a968f455ac24eb0c3c0408e2ac231e9f
...spoke to Andy Wilson and Peter Jones of Red Bazar and heard music by Depeche Mode, Spock's Beard, Shamblemaths, Jump, Red Bazzar, Magician's Whistle, Amorphis, Franck Carducci, Ben Craven & Big...
Medium bfecce58bba67a1bd0ef7e691ce5f81e53abf71b
...speaks with Diane Horn about what we can do to promote bicycling and walking as modes of transportation.
Medium 5cbb02d5a968f455ac24eb0c3c0408e2ac231e9f
...this edition, we heard music by Supergrass, Khan, Space-Man, Cats In Space, Rick Wakeman, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Crystal Palace, Rush, King Crimson, Condition Red, Be-Bop Deluxe, Gojira, Brand X, Steven...
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