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We've all heard the phrase "Nice guys finish last," right? Why is that? Why do the men whose women friends tell...
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...- "Girl I Got News for You" - 45 Benny Latimore - "It Was So Nice While It Lasted" - 45 Benny Latimore - "Have a Little Faith" - 45 Benny...
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...s focus is not on electing people to office, but teaching them how to be nicer. Jill is founder and Executive Director of Manners of the Heart, a nonprofit organization that...
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Dr. Ruth Neustifter on The Nice Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty

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Flux : Untangle
Fran Hauser, author of the new book "The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate", discusses how ‘nice'...
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...the woods, and Corinne has dog vomit trouble. Then the gals chat with stand-up comedian, KENICE MOBLEY (@kenicemobley)! Kenice reflects on her penchant for one-night stands, guys with great dicks being...
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023 – A Nice Place to Visit (The Twilight Zone S01E28) + Premature Burial (1962)

Anthology - The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Science Fiction Theatre, and Classic Sci-Fi Podcast
This week, Matt reviews episode 28 from The Twilight Zone’s first season: A Nice Place to Visit. He concludes the episode with a bonus review of Premature Burial, Roger...
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OV171 - Workplace Comedies - Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, The Nice Guys, and Conspiracy

The Obsessive Viewer - Weekly Movie/TV Review & Discussion Podcast
OV171 - Workplace Comedies - Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, The Nice Guys, and Conspiracy This week Matt and Tiny discuss some of their favorite movies and...
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