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Episode 192: 14192 Two Cells in Sevilla

Classical Music Discoveries
In many ways, Walter Steffens' TWO CELLS IN SEVILLA is a work of polar opposites. Quasi-tonal but modern, traditional but minimalist, the German composer has created an opera uniting...
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"I Never Said That"

Slate Podcasts
Flux : The Gist
...got crowded out by bigger news. Too bad. Facts are facts, even in the greatly polarized year that is 2018. Holmes Lybrand writes the Weekly Standard’s “Fact Check” series, and even...
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...Philip Sayce – Alchemy - Peace Machine – 2003 Richie Kotzen – Broken man - Bi-Polar Blues – 1999 The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band – Dirt - So Delicious! –...
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Sneaky Dragon Episode 374

Ian Boothby and David Dedrick
Flux : Sneaky Dragon
...and Oates are wrong; polite surnames; eternal sufferings; fight, fight, fight; Ian’s Bumblee gripes; Ian’s Polar bugbear; Dave follows Ian’s recommendation; the problem with movie trilogies; Ian’s writing riddle; and, finally,...
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Ben Saunders

BBC Radio 4
Kirsty Young's castaway is the polar adventurer Ben Saunders. In his own words he "specialises in dragging heavy things around cold...
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Episode 77: The Six Thatchers

The Baker Street Babes
...the cast's stellar interpretations of their characters.   Join us for a look at Sherlock's polarizing and fascinating season opener.       
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...un des fils rouges était '"les morceaux cités par Ken Bruen dans sa série de polars avec le détective Jack Taylor" avec Kris Kristofferson, Marianne Faithfull et trois Irlandais. Sans oublier...
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Flux : The Gist
...and left, and the psychology behind comedy. Her new book is Irony and Outrage: The Polarized Landscape of Rage, Fear, and Laughter in the United States. In the spiel, the pace...
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...morel - "votings for pigrost" - more memory than now mark, james & julie - "polar bears" - golden duets 7" pacific - "shrift" - 12" solanacae tau - "muzak ritual"...
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new fall

Flux : Schattenjacht
...Up Shop Thurston Moore - Breath Deerhoof - Love-Lore 1 (Ornette Coleman/JD Robb/Voivod/Earl Kim) Rosso Polare - No. 9 Jim White and Marisa Anderson - The Quickening Kurt Vile - Pearls...
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Political polarization, inequality, and corruption during the period 146 to 78 BC gravely weakened the Roman Republic in the...
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...Crackin, Jason's Nicknames, She Swallowed a Horse, Kids in the Liquor Store, Waylon Halen, Yeasty Polar Bears, Boots & Pants, The Hot Chick in Hanson, Your Son Can Burn in Hell,...
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Flux : Who Charted?
...(Veep) joins Howard, Natty Legs and the Whooch Crew as they brace themselves against the polar vortex! They’ll count down Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Songs while questioning the value of bottle...
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...there little insect Modern Lovers Live 1977 Point Blank Bad Bees [1st album] 1976 Scorpions Polar Nights Virgin Killer 1976 The (...) - Les bébés dinosaures / Musique, 01h30
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Flux : The Gist
...in Ukraine? Then, count penguin poo with researcher Michelle LaRue from the University of Minnesota’s Polar Geospatial Center. She’s using satellite imagery to get a better count on penguin populations. In...
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