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...end a year of On Trial's with their look back at the original Jumanji from 1995. Jumanji is a 1995 American fantasy adventure film directed by Joe Johnston. It is an...
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The boys watch the psychological-crime-thriller Seven (1995). It’s dark to start and basically stays exactly that way throughout. The detective duo of...
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Live Ledge #182: 1995

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We continue the Sentai costumes reviews with 1995's Chouriki Sentai Ohranger. For us here in the America is was the Zeo Rangers.
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Sean Comer and Mark Radulich put the 1995 #Mortalkombatmovie directed by #PaulAnderson starring #ChristopherLambert On Trial! Also Sean fan-produces his very own 200$...

FREAK SHOW 197 spéciale 1995

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...reviews on this episode of Refined 90’s Cinema. 45 | It’s Porkin’ Time | MMPR (1995) Recorded June 2022 Nostalgia Unscripted. Find us at refined90scinema.com YouTube Channel: refined90scinema.live Questions? Comments? Send...
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Episode 133: Super J-Cup 1995

Episode 133: Super J-Cup 1995
...7th Super J-Cup The Eastern Lariat returns with a review of the 2nd Stage in 1995 that was won by Gedo. Travel back time with STRIGGA & Dylan to relive a...
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Emily Yoshida on Björk's "Post" (1995)

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Flux : Heat Rocks
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The boys finish off their buddy comedy trilogy with a SNL alum-classic from 1995, Tommy Boy. Join Brendan and Alex as they enjoy David Spade, Chris Farley and Dan...
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...Happy New Year! To celebrate the New Year we look at Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days (1995) which takes place on the eve of the new millennium where there is social unrest...
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