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AC/DC, Back in Black

Flux : Blockbusters
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AC/DC Powerage
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...first by mistake, well ok making up for lost time, here it is the first AC/DC show we should have posted a month ago. So here we go, for the first...
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...it is the second part of a very popular show we did just recently on AC/DC, so we had enough songs to do a second show. So here you go. Here...
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Pod of Thunder - 305 - AC/DC - Get It Hot: Chris, Nick, and Andy break down Chris's selection from the listener submission...
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...killed Bon Scott?" Jesse Fink is the author of The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC and Bon: The Last Highway. His extensive research has led him to conclude that Scott...
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...show, Jim S, the Rock n Roll Toothbrusher, calls in with a show review of AC/DC from 1988. Music by : UFO Links: Dog Days Of Podcasting  Check out the new...
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AC/DC Rock Or Bust
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Flux : Album Swap
Season 2 starts with D'Angelo "Black Messiah" and AC/DC's "Power Up" getting a spin on our digital turntables. Brian and Fred review each album...
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AC/DC return home this week – bringing their Rock or Bust Tour down under ! On...
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The story behind "Back in Black" by AC/DC
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The Top 10 AC DC Songs of All Time

...Rock and Metal Circus, Lou and Lily (Keith is off this week). Discuss the greatest AC/DC songs of all time. They will cover: What makes a great AC/DC song? Are their...
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...got the biggest balls of them all as BJ and Brian Sword discuss the worst AC/DC songs from the Bon Scott years.
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AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
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Martin goes over the tree of artists that are a part of The AC/DC Family in these five songs: Rose Tattoo – “Remedy” The Angels – “Night Comes Early”...
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