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Filmmaker John Sayles joins Leonard and Baron to talk about how he came to make his first feature,...
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Nothing But The Blues #484

Nothing But The Blues
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...breaking his shyness to become an actor, meeting his wife in acting class, working with John Sayles , and winning an Oscar for his madcap performance in Adaptation. This episode is sponsored by...
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Flux : Pop Rocket
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Flux : Médium large
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Émission du 6 juillet 2011

info@choq.ca (CHOQ.CA)
Brother from another planet de John Sayles (1984) VS White man s burden de Desmond Nakano. Un Illegal alien littéral et une...
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Rock & Roll Rampage #259

rocknrollramapage@gmail.com (Bom Bom Lulu)
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L'actu des médias sur Europe 1
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Flux : Transmission
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