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Legend: Led Zeppelin

Lava Lamp Lounge
...final entry for Jurassic June's "World's Greatest Rock Band" is none other than the mighty Led Zeppelin . Born from the ashes of The Yardbirds, Zep combined folk and blues to create...
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Led Zeppelin IV (Zoso)

Lou and Katie discuss Led Zeppelin 's masterpiece Led Zeppelin IV and reveal some little know facts about it's making.
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Flux : Human's Show.
Time to get the Led Out. Led Zeppelin I Remastered. Good Times, Bad Times Babe I'm Gonna Leave You You Shook Me Dazed...
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Black Sabbath vs Led Zeppelin

...but this REALLY IS the heavy rock shoot out for the ages.... Black Sabbath vs Led Zeppelin ! On today's show we will let you know... Who rocked harder? Who was more...
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Led Zeppelin III
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...Sword for another volume of "Worst of..." this time each has chosen the five worst Led Zeppelin songs to subject you to.
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Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti
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Flux : Album Swap
In this episode of Album Swap podcast, Fred and Brian review Led Zeppelin 's "Presence" and J. Cole's "4 Your Eyez Only". Led Zeppelin's "Presence" was released in...
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...the occult, and magick lead to the string of accidents, addictions, and tragedies that befell Led Zeppelin in the mid to late 1970s?  Richard interviews a dedicated occultist and founder of a...
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The story behind "Gallows Pole" by Led Zeppelin
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Coverville 1231: Led Zeppelin Cover Story V

anklebone@mac.com (Brian Ibbott)
Technically, it’s the third episode called Led Zeppelin Cover Story, but I’ve done album covers for Led Zeppelin II and IV, so… In...
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...Winfrey. Brandon talks about his Ouija board experience which leads to Jess’ dive into the Led Zeppelin curse! NOTE: There is a buzz for the first few minutes
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A Celebration Day for sure – Led Zeppelin ’s third album (called Led Zeppelin III) was released 50 years ago this week. So...
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...exclusive music and video! In this week's episode of Bluesy Tuesday we discuss and disect Led Zeppelin 's Black Dog. The main riff was composed by Led Zeppelin Bassist John Paul Jones...
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Episode 3: 'Led Zeppelin II' with Andy Barkess

My Classic Album with Mike Norris
...'Ramble On' about the album that arguably kick started hard rock and heavy metal: ' Led Zeppelin II' Which song is heavily inspired by the work of JRR Tolkien? Do accusations of...
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