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133 - Cheap Perfume

Mostly Harmless With Dammit Damian - Punk Rock Podcast
We journey into the basement of Denver's infamous Hi-Dive to chat with CHEAP PERFUME about their new record, Nailed It, Growing as musicians in Colorado Springs, using your voice...
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...of all sorts. Learn about the fascinating history -- and, well, art -- of making perfumes in this episode. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
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Flux : Song Exploder
Mike Hadreas has been making music under the name Perfume Genius since 2008. In May 2017, he put out his fourth album, No Shape to...
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Flux : MinuteEarth
...of the intestine that ends in the anus. Eau de toilette: A dilute form of perfume ___________________________________________   Credits (and Twitter handles): Script Writer: David Goldenberg (@dgoldenberg) Script Editor: Alex Reich...
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Move over Chanel, the Country Women's Association has released a perfume. Seriously. Ally Martell - Editor of the Queensland CWA’s RUTH magazine - chats to Kayley Harris...
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Flux : Planet Money
...Host Bob Boilen and World Cafe host Talia Schlanger try to cheer him up: 1. Perfume Genius: "Slip Away," 2. Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner and James McAlister: "Saturn," 3....
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Flux : Planet Money
...Daoud opts for "Explanation," a punchy rock number from Ohio trio Delay, while Jacob plays Perfume Genius' surging new track "Queen." Daoud and Jacob stick around as Robin puts on "Hegemony,"...
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Flux : Good Food
Chef Daniel Patterson and perfumer Mandy Aftel team up on a new book, “The Art of Flavor,” and Alma’s Ari...
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Flux : Love, Alexi
...Melbourne Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027 Follow her on Instagram @SanaeIntoxicants For July and August she's having weekly perfume workshops. They're all natural, plant based perfume workshops that are focused on unique custom designed...
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Flux : Love, Alexi
...Today's episode is brought to you by Sanae Intoxicants! Sanae is a Los Angeles based perfumer, who's been making perfumes for over 10 years. She's worked with awesome people and brands...
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...its own way, what happens when you mix a Scottish whisky brand and a world-famous perfumer, plus how US chef Alex Stupak proves the versatility of Mexican-inspired food.
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Apples picked to perfume a room. Undocumented apples and apples with false papers. Foundlings that could give a supermarket...
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Flux : Encore!
...Michael Imperioli is in the studio speaking to Eve Jackson about his debut novel "The Perfume Burned His Eyes". The coming-of-age tale that explores many a teenage boy's fantasy - befriending...
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