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Flux : Talk The Ska
...one of our best of 2018 year in review. In this first part it's our top 5 E.Ps and top 5 singles released throughout the years. Extra talking about why we like...
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Top 5 Pantera Songs

nashvillerock@live.com (DBG Productions)
In honor of episode 333 we’re spinning our Top 5 Pantera Songs! It’s been 18 years since the last Pantera studio release and both Vinnie...
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Top 5 Sci-Fi Robots

Top 5 Sci-Fi Robots
...for 5 Bucks! This week on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast, Jonathan and Rem discuss The Top 5 Sci-Fi Robots in Film and Television. We also discuss the differences between Robots, Androids and...
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Top 5 70s Aerosmith Songs

nashvillerock@live.com (DBG Productions)
...early days of one of America's greatest rock n' roll bands as they pick their Top 5 70's Aerosmith Songs! Top 5 70s Aerosmith Songs   The boys from Boston released an...
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Top 5 Live Acts - Ep357

nashvillerock@live.com (DBG Productions)
...Top Live Bands of All Time, Aaron and Chris set out to compare notes with Top 5 Live Acts! The Delite article makes some interesting choices (30 of them in total) and...
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Episode 294: Top 5 E3 Predictions

Episode 294: Top 5 E3 Predictions
Medium 48ad5082b79cbd1755f95d497e9d04911fa6bf34
...of the music podcast deluxe, we go nostalgic - ending season 2 with our teen top 5 'B-Sides', a collection of albums from our teenage years from Slipknot to Coheed and Cambria
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The Top 5 Mario Kart Games

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
...of Super Mario Kart, a few of the Laser Boys sat down to count down the top 5 games in... Read more
Medium e831cbee421e879a231d360808935d9d609c3b54

EP 260: Top 5 Albums 2021

feeds@soundcloud.com (Loose Cannon & Bakko)
...album a dead art form? Debatable. LC and Bakko discuss and countdown each of their top 5 rock albums of 2021. Details and links to artists' social pages in show notes. Spoilers...
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Top 5 Irish Drinking Songs #224

Marc Gunn, Wild Rover
Let me sing for you a countdown of the Top 5 Irish drinking songs today on Pub Songs Podcast. Welcome to the Pub Songs Podcast, the...
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Flux : TPF's Podcast
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Top 5 70s Alice Cooper Songs

nashvillerock@live.com (DBG Productions)
...week Chris & Aaron celebrate the king of shock rock as they each pick their Top 5 70s Alice Cooper Songs! In this hour-plus celebration, the guys spin tracks from Love It...
Medium 467ed7614f202ccd6276f2720941d4ff51f2a9d6

Episode 58 - Top 5 Drinking Songs

nashvillerock@live.com (DBG Productions)
...stranger's bed after eating vegetables. But, we digress. This week, Aaron and Chris pick their Top 5 Drinking Songs. With the huge plethora of choices out there, this was a pretty tough...
Medium 467ed7614f202ccd6276f2720941d4ff51f2a9d6

Episode 4 - Top 5 Rock Documentaries

nashvillerock@live.com (DBG Productions)
Piranah drummer and Jager afficianado Chris Higgins joins us for a Top 5 of epic proportions! This show features our takes on what we think are the best...
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