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Doug Martin joins Nick to talk to us about building GraphQL backends in TypeScript with NestJS and his project, nestjs-query. We talk about what NestJS is and...
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Supper Club × Self Hosted Backend-as-a-service with Brandon Roberts

Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski - Full Stack JavaScript Web Developers
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...Full-stack engineer of React and React Native. The panel and Carly talk about frontend and backend developing and the issues that teams could face day-in and day-out. Listen to today’s episode...
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...the app, I was surprised by the asymmetry in hosting options for the front vs. backend. It seems that there are 1000 slick, free-teir options for hosting my front-end. But finding...
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31 React Native and Meteor with Spencer Carli

rnradio@infinite.red (Infinite Red)
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...today’s show the panel discusses what what jobs should be delegated to the front and backend when doing fullstack development with React. They talk about where the data fetching starts coming...
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