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Flux : Bombshell
...O’Brien, and the whistleblower-Ukraine monstrosity.  Also, Erin saw Moulin Rouge and you should too, if you can can can.   Links Aramco Attacks Stephen Kalin, "Saudi Arabia to Wait for Investigation Before...
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S4E9 - 'Boy, She Can Can'

My Dad Wrote A Porno
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Ep. 29: Cole Porter's Can-Can

The Carolina Shout - Ragtime and Jazz Piano with Ethan Uslan
French crooner Michel Du Baguette opens the episode with "C'est Magnifique," from Cole Porter's musical "Can-Can" (1953). Ethan talks about the show and plays additional "Can-Can" selections including "I Love Paris"...
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Hacking our elections is so easy, a 7-year-old can do it. (Really.) How we got here and why the best solution is one you...
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Flux : Savor
Canned food existed for almost 50 years before the can opener, and even then it took...
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ABC canceled the popular reboot of Roseanne after its star likened President Obama’s former advisor, an African-American...
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Can of worms

BBC Radio
In this series you can learn authentic English words and phrases. This week's programme looks at the phrase 'a can...
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Can men fail?

Nastaran Tavakoli-Far
...society. An MC and a teacher help us delve into this question of whether men can fail, a question that is key to so many men’s personal lives, as well as...
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Yes We Can!

Learn about food and cooking with John Houser III & Rebecca Madariaga
John and Rebecca get jarred about canning. We break down the history of canning, how its related to sealing (no it has...
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A2G78 - You Can Get Wit Dis Or You Can Get Wit Dat

AXE TO GRIND PODCAST & Sound Talent Media
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Guest Speaker Venerable Hue Can from the Vietnamese Zen tradition speaks about impermanence. Talk given during the rains retreat at...
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