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Christopher Lee

BBC Radio 4
The castaway in Desert Island Discs this week is British cinema's king of horror - Christopher Lee . He'll be talking to Sue Lawley about his disappointment at not being able to...
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Sir Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee wasn't just a film star - he was, by any account, an amazing man. He...
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Flux : Do Go On
One of the most interesting figures of the Twentieth Century, Sir Christopher Lee is most famous as an actor, but he was also a World War II badass,...
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...Pat Mullin in this episode to discuss one of the titans of villainous acting, Sir Christopher Lee and his incredible body of work. Original air date January 23, 2015.
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...wizard Saruman in the “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” movies. Today’s dead celebrity is Christopher Lee . Famous & Gravy is created and co-hosted by Amit Kapoor and Michael Osborne. This...
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Danny Lobell

Razzle Dangerously
What are the Super Bowl's secret origins? Was Christopher Lee a spy? Did we lose a lot of money on prop bets? Comedian Danny Lobell...
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...first renewal, Stallone cliff hangs, the 90s ghetto subgenre gets Menaced, Liberace lights up HBO, Christopher Lee thrashes, The Fresh Prince of Nepotism, and is Finding Nemo the perfect Pixar movie?! All...
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The 1974 Tony Awards

Laurence Maslon
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...9. Hobbit Drinking Medley (Peter Hollens feat. Hank Green), 8. Treebeard’s Song (Tolkien Ensemble feat. Christopher Lee ), 7. Edge of … Continue reading →
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...contribution to the Alien universe. Also, the team takes a moment to say goodbye to Christopher Lee , who unfortunately found himself standing on plestik […] Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/superhighscifi/support
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Flux : Six Foot Plus
...are important dates for fans of Classic Horror. We celebrate the birthdays of Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price. 2011 marks Vincent Price’s 100th birthday, so after we wish Pete and...
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Flux : Club JDR
...9. Hobbit Drinking Medley (Peter Hollens feat. Hank Green), 8. Treebeard’s Song (Tolkien Ensemble feat. Christopher Lee ), 7. Edge of Night (Karliene), 6. I See Fire (Karliene and Juggernoud1), 5. Misty...
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Dame Beryl Grey

BBC Radio 4
...track: The Beginning of the Third Movement by Jean Sibelius Book: This Sceptred Isle by Christopher Lee Luxury: Box of watercolour paints
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...her treatment during/after it, how that relationship has healed over the years, becoming friends with Christopher Lee at the Empire Awards, and much, much more. It's a fun and frank interview that...
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...What a legend. Along the way, the team discuss kidnapping, getting chilling phone calls from Christopher Lee , the week's movie news (and there is some! Saints, and The Saint, be praised!),...
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