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...the Hitsville, USA sound in the mid-sixties: brothers Eddie and Brian Holland, along with Lamont Dozier. The goods were delivered. The brassy, bass-driven rhythm and targeted stories of the heart stand...
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Author Ayanna Dozier tells us her favorite Janet Jackson record and why it meant so much to young...
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Host Nate Wilcox welcomes Dave Thompson to discuss Holland-Dozier-Holland and his book “Come and Get These Memories: The Genius of Holland-Dozier-Holland, Motown’s Incomparable Songwriters.”...
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When Death Row Stalls

Peach Fish Productions
Flux : The Gist
...we’re proposing a 2018 Housing and Urban Development festival in Sonoma, California. Convicted killer Scott Dozier was scheduled to become Nevada’s first executed inmate since 2006, until the procedure was canceled...
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...See About Me" - 45 La Mont Anthony - "I Didn't Know" - 45 Lamont Dozier - "Dearest One" - 45 Lamont Anthony - "Benny the Skinny Man" - 45 Eddie...
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...Franklin The Originals Wilson Pickett Sam and Dave Percy Sledge The Stylistics The Delfonics Lamont Dozier Willie Hutch Harold Melvin & The Blue The Dramatics Isaac Hayes Carla Thomas & more
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...plus Toronto history tribute, and R.I.P Teenage Head’s Gord Lewis (1957-2022) and Motown legend Lamont Dozier (1941-2022)
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...plus Toronto history tribute, and R.I.P Teenage Head’s Gord Lewis (1957-2022) and Motown legend Lamont Dozier (1941-2022)
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...Dj Doms Stateside selection this week  but we have a 30 Min tribute to Lamont Dozier R.I.P and a new release from Hayley records along with all Your Fave Northern Soul ,...
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...initially just an instrumental track created by the Motown recording unit The Funk Brothers. Holland, Dozier, and Holland wanted to experiment with the track and called in the Four Tops first...
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...worked with the great songwriter producers of Hitsville such as Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, Holland Dozier Holland and more. Let It Roll is proud to be part of Pantheon Podcasts. Learn...
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(((LOFT PARTY))) David Mancuso Loft Classics

info@discobreak.com (Brad Slyde)
Fred Wesley "House Party" (Curtom) Lamont Dozier "Going Back To My Roots" (Warner Bros) War "City, Country, City" (United Artists) Eddie Kendricks...
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...us through his favourite library additions of the week, including interviews with Carly Simon, Lamont Dozier and Mel & Kim, and Jasper concludes the episode with passing remarks on Wattstax, Björk...
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...studio musicians coupled with the songwriting of Barrett Strong, Smokey Robinson, and the team of Holland-Dozier-Holland…were at the core of what was produced in Detroit’s Motown. There were also the performers...
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Flux : The Hustle
The duo of Difford and Tillbrook are up there with Jagger/Richards, Lennon/McCartney, John/Taupin and Holland/Dozier/Holland as one of history's greatest songwriting teams. Glenn's knack for a melody has always provided...
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