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Drea Clark

shows@maximumfun.org (Maximum Fun)
Another awesome Max Fun podcast crossover! It’s Drea Clark , from the currently accurately-named “Untitled Drea, Ify and Alonso Project!” Dive into some Jane...
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Fashion in Film and Phantom Thread with Drea Clark

shows@maximumfun.org (MaximumFun.org)
...film and Daniel Day-Lewis' "final" performance in, Phantom Thread. Regular contributor and friend of the show, Drea Clark , joins the crew as they discuss their personal movie fashion icons. One of April's...
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50 Shades Freed & Sex in Cinema with Drea Clark

shows@maximumfun.org (MaximumFun.org)
...because it's getting hot in here! The gang is joined, once again, by "kid sister" Drea Clark to talk about 50 Shades Freed. They talk the good, the bad, and the boring of...
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The Witch Who Came from the Sea with Drea Clark

shows@maximumfun.org (MaximumFun.org)
...a real freaky treat this week because April talks to 'Who Shot Ya?' regular, producer Drea Clark , about the under appreciated The Witch Who Came from the Sea. The two of them...
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Monster Movies and The Shape of Water w/ Drea Clark

shows@maximumfun.org (MaximumFun.org)
...you will get wet. Because we're talking about The Shape of Water. Friend of the show Drea Clark joins the gang as they discuss monsters, sexy amphibian men, and Alonso's sinister alter ego...
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Flux : Heat Rocks
...folks from the world of TV and film to discuss their favorite soundtracks! This week, Drea Clark of Who Shot Ya (here on MaxFun) joins us to talk about the High Fidelity...
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Flux : Pop Rocket
...Join Guy, Karen, Margaret, and producer/film festival programmer/Who Shot Ya contributor and now Pop Rocket guest  Drea Clark  as they pick apart Drew Goddard’s neo-noir ensemble Bad Times at The El Royale. They get...
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...Vidiots Executive Director/Board Chair, Maggie Mackay, and our dear friend, producer and film festival programmer, Drea Clark . They break down the much discussed A Wrinkle in Time. They address the blowback the...
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...About My Mother Drea – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Ricky – Klute. With Ify Nwadiwe, Alonso Duralde,  Drea Clark , and Ricky Carmona.
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The Exciting Conclusion of Switchblade Sisters

shows@maximumfun.org (Casey O'Brien, Maximum Fun, Katie Walsh, April Wolfe, Drea Clark)
...final episode of Switchblade Sisters. Instead of doing a traditional show, April invited Katie Walsh, Drea Clark , and producer Casey O’Brien to discuss the making of Switchblade Sisters. We listen to...
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RETRO REWIND! ‘Joe Versus the Volcano’

shows@maximumfun.org (Casey O'Brien, Alonso Duralde, Joelle Monique, Drea Clark)
...– Without You I’m Nothing Drea – Pump Up the Volume Joelle – Misery With Drea Clark , Alonso Duralde, and Joelle Monique
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‘The Hunt’ and the Return of the Buff Black Nerd

shows@maximumfun.org (Casey O'Brien, Alonso Duralde, Maximum Fun, Ify Nwadiwe, Drea Clark)
...Drea – Banana Split Alonso – Terrence McNally: Every Act of Life With Ify Nwadiwe, Drea Clark , and Alonso Duralde.
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The Last Word on ‘First Cow’ with Lucé Tomlin-Brenner

shows@maximumfun.org (Casey O'Brien, Joelle Monique, Maximum Fun, Lucé Tomlin-Brenner, Drea Clark)
...Rarely Sometimes Always and Big Time Adolescence Joelle – Self Made Lucé – Emma.. With Drea Clark , Joelle Monique, and Lucé Tomlin-Brenner.
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Portrait of a Drea on Fire

shows@maximumfun.org (MaximumFun.org)
...Christmas spoilers. Staff Picks: Alonso – The Photograph Drea – Come to Daddy Joelle – Amadeus Inkoo – Visible and Mother With  Drea Clark , Alonso Duralde, Joelle Monique, and Inkoo Kang.
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...movies of the year! Staff Picks: Ify – Shazam! Drea – The Lighthouse Alonso – Slaughterhouse-Five With Ify Nwadiwe,  Drea Clark , and Alonso Duralde You can let us know what you think of Who Shot Ya?...
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