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Eileen Myles: Evolution

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Flux : Bookworm
Evolution is a collection of all-new material by Eileen Myles, whose inspired poetry is a form of...
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Evolution of sound

ABC Radio National
Flux : Off Track
These frogs are all closely related in the evolutionary sense, but they sound completely different. Can you hear evolution? Stay tuned for the return...
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Flux : MinutePhysics
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In the process of parallel evolution, two seemingly unrelated species living in isolation can evolve surprisingly similar traits -- but how...
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SARAH BETHE NELSON "Evolution" "Oh, Evolution" (Burger Records, 2017) LP/CD/CS OUT NOW ON BURGER!!! Poet Frank O’Hara wrote, “Each...
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Drawing Heat - EPW Evolution

Wrestle Radio Australia
In this episode, Beej & The Dude review Explosive Professional Wrestling's (EPW Perth) Evolution event, along with their special guest analyst, return guest Karlifornia Infirri. Being one of EPW's...
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...the psychology behind in group favouritism and out group discrimination, and the future of conscious evolution.
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TEPP 19 Question Evolution Day

Emmaus Project Podcast
In this session of The Emmaus Project Podcast, Ty and Caleb chat about evolution day, creationism and theistic evolution. Also they review a tweet somebody sent to Ken Ham....
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How does isolation spur evolution? Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast to learn more about speciation and evolution. Learn more about...
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The Evolution Of Ice Cream

Flavor Living Radio
Evolution of Ice Cream.. Life is full of surprises and so is today’s show. In the...
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Metaphysical Connection #43 - Artificial Evolution

Walt Schnabel and Eric Renderking Fisk
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