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Lava Lamp Lounge
Glam rock was all the rage at the dawn of the 70s, shunning the psychedelic era...
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Rock and/or Roll
BJ investigates how glam rock manifested itself in the US in the seventies.
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Rock and/or Roll
BJ gives an overview of the Glam Rock phenomenon that overtook the UK in the mid-seventies and plays some of his favorite...
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Rock and/or Roll
For your listening pleasure: 30 junk shop glam obscurities.
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...hiatus, but we hope it's been worth the wait. This week, we continue talking about Glam metal, and the bands who took the torch and ran with it. Discussing the important...
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What better way to start the summer of than with a GLAM ROCK Show....kind of Friday Night Glam Shop the replacements / fox on the run the...
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BJ plays a selection of junk shop glam singles, both sides. And then at the end of the episode you will find the...
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...genres of metal from so far away? To begin Season 2, Andrew and Martin examine Glam metal, beginning with bands from the early to late seventies who helped to define and...
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Let’s face it glam’s had a bad press. But does it deserve a second try? Alexis puts the case...
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On this episode of Rock n Ragni................ Bay sits down with the NY GLAM BAND....... WICKED!!! This is a fun conversation, so tune in to find out all about...
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It's all about brickies in lipstick this week, with a trip to Tate Liverpool's Glam exhibition, a visit from Jeremy Deller and some classic obscurities from the likes of Iron...
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...turned 70 last month – and to round things out, a tribute to some other glam rockers of that era! (62 minutes) Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions...
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Marc Bolan's life was glamorous and far too short. But, he changed the world of Rock And Roll by "Glam"-orizing...
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Flux : Bigmouth
...includes Ranking Roger. And we FEEL THE NOIZE on a new 60-track compilation of ultra-obscure glam rock from the actual real-life 1970s, ‘All The Young Droogs’.  Produced and presented by Andrew...
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