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A Mystic Planet
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Hellooo Jazzmenteers all over...... Today we pay tribute to not a Jazz group, but a Jazz record...
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Jazz Breakfast

Starburns Audio
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Jazz Seminar

Voice of the Arts
The 47th Annual University of Pittsburgh Jazz Concert and Seminar begins Monday October 30 and runs through Saturday Nov 4 with the...
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Uncool Jazz

John Osterlind
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Jump Jazz

The Jazz Treasury Podcast
Check out the honking sound of Jump Jazz from California with Illinois Jacquet, Dinah Washington, Jimmy Witherspoon and MORE!
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Jazz Vocals

The Jazz Treasury Podcast
Listen to the roots of Jazz Vocals featuring Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and The Ink Spots!
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Jazz Voices

The Jazz Treasury Podcast
Hear Jazz greats like Dinah Washington, Peggy Lee, and Lena Horn.
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The "Jazz" Episode

Kelleigh Bannen
Warning: this episode doesn't resolve, which is why we named it the Jazz Episode. With our co-producer out on his honeymoon, we hand the reigns over to Nada...
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Aggressive Jazz Hands

Starburns Audio
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Hello Jazzmenteerzzzz all over.... Today on the show we have some interesting songs lined up to play...
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...we were gone out of the basement...sooo were back for now. Sooo on this new Jazz show we have songs from: Passport / Les Paul / The Johnny Keating's Combo /...
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Helloooo Jazzmenteerz...... Yes delayed but this show is for Nevember 27, 2019, but just pretend you heard...
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