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This week we take a trip to Jendell to talk about Ace's 78 solo record. Check it out!
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Greetings from Jendell, KISS ARMY! It's a brand new year, and your KISS Army bros are starting this...
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...his axe like some cosmic divining rod, channeling powers known only to space travelers from Jendell. The Demon, the Catman, and the Space Ace… each in his own thoughts… each in...
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...an Ace Frehley story and impression that will have you cackling like a spaceman from Jendell. Things were no laughing matter, however, earlier this year when Todd's life was turned upside...
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...(not in the way you would expect). It's an hour-plus of jaw dropping stories about Jendell's favorite son. We hope you enjoy Ace Stories with Crazy Joe Renda and SHARE with...
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