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Top 5 Jewish Superheroes

Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores
...Bores head over to #PrattleWorld https://www.spiderdanandthesecretbores.com/# #Sabra #MarvelComics #Ragman #DCComics #GertrudeYorkes #TheRunaways #Songbird #TheThunderbolts #AtomSmasher #JSA
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The Death of Superman, Pennyworth, and more

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
...podcast again the other day @DCDailyDrop ! i think Peter Jackson could do a killer JSA trilogy. just go crazy. as long as LOTR 😂” Connect with us: DC Daily Drop...
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Talkcast 17

The Dome
...Friday’s Caprica has some new scenes, is very dark and sexual. Dollhouse ending and Smallville JSA episode delayed by one week due to a Haiti Earthquake Telethon Rod Roddenberry resurects The...
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Doomsday Clock #3 review

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
...Could be the result of government experiments. Johnny Thunder (story continues from Rebirth)/ hints at JSA Nathaniel Dusk - Real DC comics character from 1984-85  (like Tales of the Black Freighter?)....
Medium 2cca17df93d829589edc5afb71f454923a3e232b
...recaps DC’s Stargirl “Brainwave.” While Henry’s powers start developing, big time, Courtney clashes with the JSA, and Barbara invites the Mahkents over for dinner. Meanwhile, Mikey plays it cool until he...
Medium 2cca17df93d829589edc5afb71f454923a3e232b
...recaps “Shining Knight.” As Pat gets closer to the truth about the ISA, and the JSA reels from their tremendous loss last episode, Brainwave is ready to make a move —...
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Geoff Johns steps down as CCO, to write/produce for DC

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
...(co-publisher) will add role of Chief Creative Officer Started writing for DC Comics in 1999 (JSA, Green Lantern, Superman, Aquaman, Flash, Justice League, Teen Titans, Flashpoint, Infinite Crisis, Doomsday Clock) TV...
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67: Swizec Teller on Hustle and Focus

shows@spec.fm (Michael Chan)
Flux : React Podcast
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Winamp2 JS

Changelog Media
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The story of Konami-JS

Changelog Media
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RNR 180 - Testing Strategies, Tools, and Frameworks

rnradio@infinite.red (Adhithi Ravichandran, Jamon Holmgren, Robin Heinze, Harris Robin Kalash)
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RRU 079: State Machines and State Charts with Farzad Yousef Zadeh

Carl Mungazi, Jack Herrington , Paige Niedringhaus, TJ VanToll
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